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    Yetisports 5 - Pro Edition Champion


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    4 mins 58 secs

    This score was recorded on Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:44 pm.

  • Description
  • With the help of flamingos, Yeti undertakes an amusing safari through Africa. Underneath giraffes, over elephants and acacias, catapulted high up to the sky by snakes and carried by vultures, the penguin demonstrates clean flying tricks on advanced level.<br />*This version has no restart feature. Move Pingu to the left - as far as possible.

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  • Size: 1016.2 KiB

  • Champion’s comment
  • great game :D but i suck at it :P

  • Top scores
1 sexy_sean 1,589
2 Raven 1,163
3 mejse 385

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Yetisports 5 - Pro Edition: Anonymous

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