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Other News
PS3 Lastest News On June 4th, 2010
New PlayStation 3 Father’s Day bundle introduced‎

No, you did not misread that subheadline: Sony’s unveiled a new PlayStation 3 Slim bundle that finally includes an HDMI cable along with a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet.

Since the PlayStation 3 has been on sale, those who owned an HDTV had to spend extra to get an HDMI cable to get the optimal visual quality that PS3s offered. It’s taken nearly four years for Sony to get around to tossing in a cable along with the unit, measured at six feet long to boot. LittleBigPlanet GOTY also makes a gracious offering of including 18 user-made levels, and seven DLC packs including the Metal Gear Solid content.

Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the bundle right now. It’ll run you $349.99 and will be released June 12.


Gran Turismo 5: PS3 Release Date Delay – More 3D Rumors‎
Gran Turismo 5, it seems just keeps getting delayed with an unholy jinx. The game which is currently under development by Polyphony Digital is a PS3 exclusive title.

First revealed by its producer Kazunori Yamauchi in E3 2006, it has taken more than 4 years and $60 million in its development process. And yet according to Yamauchi, it’s still 90 percent complete (as stated by him during start of May and before that in January). The latest delay, as per the MCV report is due to the developers adding 3-D imaging and Playstation Move support.

Further details will be announced in E3 in June which will be held at Los Angeles Convention Center. The reaction from fans is as expected – frustration and anger. Although getting 3D and Move support is by no means a bad initiative but delaying it any further certainly is. It’s only evident that we gamers want a confirmed release date in this year’s E3 with no further delays for this critically acclaimed racing simulation.


PS3 3D patches will be free‎

A handful of first-party PS3 games will be the first to incorporate the new stereoscopic 3D standard, and gamers should be happy to know that those 3D updates won’t cost a thing.

Within the last month, Sony introduced a new firmware update that makes the PS3 capable of producing 3D images on compatible TV sets. This means the PS3 is already the first, and so far the only, video game console to incorporate the new 3D standard.

Some time this summer, Sony Computer Entertainment will update four of its first-party published games – Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, and Pain – to render them in 3D.

There wasn’t really any question as to whether or not these game updates would cost anything, but Sony has now confirmed that they will indeed be free.

Sony has been late to the game when it comes to providing 3D TV hardware. Its first sets, to be released under the “Bravia” line, are due out soon, and will probably correspond to the PS3 3D updates.

The flagship Bravia 3D TV will also come with all four of the aforementioned PS3 games for free.


Posted by orb on Sunday 13 June 2010 - 07:51:38 | Add/Read Comments: 8
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